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  • Ask the Accountant: 2015

    The year 2015 is quickly coming to a close which can only mean one thing: The year 2015 is quickly coming to a close. As my last action on this blog in the year that was 2015 I will answer… Read More ›

  • Seven Wonders of the World: A New History

    For no particular reason (Ben “I’ll-stab-you-in-the-gut-and-fill-your-wound-with-grain” Carson) I was thinking about the seven wonders of the world recently and wondering if, like the purpose of the pyramids, we may have misinterpreted the purpose of some of these other amazing structures,… Read More ›

  • Trump This!

    I blame it on Donald Trump. There could be no other explanation as to why I haven’t written anything for the last two months – my longest hiatus since I started writing this blog two years ago. It had to… Read More ›

  • Ask the Accountant: Independence Day

    Today is the 4th of July, Independence Day in the United States. The idea of independence is of particular importance to accountants that work in public accounting as it is necessary that they are independent in both appearance and in… Read More ›

  • (Four)tunately Nobody Was Hurt!

    I played golf for the first time a couple of weeks ago and the only miracle greater than the fact that I hit the ball on occasion was the fact that nobody got hurt – expect for myself. The day… Read More ›

  • The String

    The string gets pulled in all directions. Each tugging it. Each trying to get a certain part of it. None of them want to give up. They could all let go but they don’t. They grasp harder. They try different… Read More ›

  • Will Run (more or less) for Beer!

    I just ran part of a mile. It was epic. It was horrible. It was a literal pub crawl. I realize that running part of a mile isn’t overly impressive but, for me, it’s a major accomplishment. I’m out of… Read More ›

  • Independent Audit: A Disaster Film

    I’ve always wanted to write a screenplay. I’ve had a lot of ideas but none have come to fruition thus far. With the Memorial Day weekend having just past I’ve been inspired, yet again, to write a screenplay but I need… Read More ›

  • Ask the Accountant: Audits

    The only phrase that scares accountants more than the phrase “social hour” is “annual audit”. It’s not that accountants aren’t social, it’s just that they aren’t social. In terms of the annual audit, this is a cruel and unusual punishment… Read More ›

  • Just Desserts?

    I typically do the grocery shopping in my family. I like it. It’s cathartic. It’s peaceful. It’s because I’m lazy. I don’t like to make lists of what I want because I don’t want to think about what I want…. Read More ›