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  • Independent Audit: A Disaster Film

    I’ve always wanted to write a screenplay. I’ve had a lot of ideas but none have come to fruition thus far. With the Memorial Day weekend having just past I’ve been inspired, yet again, to write a screenplay but I need… Read More ›

  • Ask the Accountant: Audits

    The only phrase that scares accountants more than the phrase “social hour” is “annual audit”. It’s not that accountants aren’t social, it’s just that they aren’t social. In terms of the annual audit, this is a cruel and unusual punishment… Read More ›

  • Just Desserts?

    I typically do the grocery shopping in my family. I like it. It’s cathartic. It’s peaceful. It’s because I’m lazy. I don’t like to make lists of what I want because I don’t want to think about what I want…. Read More ›

  • Megan O’Russell: In the Accountant’s Realm

    Today is May the 4th, a day recognized by Star Wars fans the world-over as Quatro de Mayo and a day that I have the pleasure of sharing the third in my trilogy of interviews with one, Megan O’Russell. Megan’s second novel,… Read More ›

  • Ask the Accountant: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

    With the fight of the century between Floyd “ME-ME-ME-ME” Mayweather and Manny “I-hope-that-I-box-better-than-I-sing” Pacquiao less than a week away I have decided to answer some pressing questions about the fight that will provide you, the reader, with in-depth analysis that can’t… Read More ›

  • Self-Diagnosed

    I read an article the other day that I shouldn’t have; I know better than to click on stories about new medical discoveries. It never ends well. Yet, despite my carpel tunnel, I managed to click on the link like… Read More ›

  • Daddy Ate a Little Lamb

    My wife is a vegetarian. My two sons are chicken nugget-tarians. Me? I eat dead animals. I don’t like to think of it that way but I’ve had to have a number of conversations with my kids lately about what… Read More ›

  • Rapping up the Month: March

    2Pac. Tupac. Toopac. Regardless of how you spell the late great 2Pac’s name it’s hard to say anything bad about his music. It was raw. It was full of emotion. It continues to be released despite that fact that he died nearly 20… Read More ›

  • Endings and Beginnings

    One of my first posts was titled Beginnings and Endings so it only makes sense that, two years later, I should write a post called Endings and Beginnings – it would be sort of like David Spade not making Joe Dirt… Read More ›

  • Ask the Accountant: March Madness

    I’ve been receiving  a lot of questions about various accounting issues these last few months and I promise to get to them whenever I feel like it. For now however, I want to answer some questions regarding a more pressing… Read More ›