Old Wounds

Since Teresa passed away I have found myself drawn to nature and have found that a lot of healing has come while sitting next to a river, watching the sunset over the ocean or walking through the forest. There is… Read More ›


It has been 21 years now since you said “I do”. 21 years is a long time. We were only 22 (you) and 23 (me) the day we got married. It’s a day that I will always remember and celebrate…. Read More ›

Cleaning the Slate

In my last post about memories I mentioned at the beginning that I was debating on hiring a cleaning service but was having trouble justifying the cost, and I wanted to delve into that thought a bit more so that… Read More ›


A few years back I took my oldest son out one night to try to see a comet. We stared at the sky for a long time trying to see it. At times we tried to convince ourselves that we… Read More ›

A 2019 Letter

It’s hard to know where to begin with this one. I normally write a Christmas letter each year and send it out along with pictures, etc to family and friends but 2019 has not been normal. On November 1, 2019… Read More ›