Month: June 2013

Life in the Oh-My-God-I’m-Gonna-Die Lane

A month or so ago I had the pleasure of riding in a Porsche for the first time. And by pleasure I mean a heart-stopping-wet-yourself-and-not-feel-bad-about-doing-so-because-at-least-you-know-you-are-still-alive sort-of pleasure. Some of you who have heard this story already may be wondering why… Read More ›

To My Boys

I would be remiss to let Father’s Day pass by without writing a little something about the two guys that have given me the opportunity to state that I’m a dad and mean it (it was very awkward when I… Read More ›

On Fatherhood

With Father’s Day fast approaching I thought I would share a few thoughts on Fatherhood. Unlike my post on motherhood I can make no special claim of being an expert on fatherhood despite being a father myself. I will, however,… Read More ›