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  • Thanks

    It has been 21 years now since you said “I do”. 21 years is a long time. We were only 22 (you) and 23 (me) the day we got married. It’s a day that I will always remember and celebrate…. Read More ›

  • A Journey

    A little over 20 years ago Teresa and I spent our honeymoon driving from Phoenix to Bishop, CA to Yosemite on our way to San Francisco. I made a similar trip this last week to revisit some of the places… Read More ›

  • A 2020-ish Letter

    2020 is a difficult year to look back on and relate to you all what it was like for us. It’s not because all of 2020 was bad but because I have a very real fear that if I think… Read More ›

  • Anniversary

    20 years ago Teresa and I got married. It was a beautiful, if a bit warm, October day at Lake Pleasant (just north of Phoenix) and I was a nervous wreck. I wasn’t nervous about marrying Teresa, there was never… Read More ›

  • Tilling the Soil

    Over the last several weeks I’ve spent a lot of time learning about gardening. I took some online classes about the subject, read some articles and books and racked my brain trying to remember what Teresa did each year when… Read More ›

  • Cleaning the Slate

    In my last post about memories I mentioned at the beginning that I was debating on hiring a cleaning service but was having trouble justifying the cost, and I wanted to delve into that thought a bit more so that… Read More ›

  • Memories

    Teresa was the only one who knew what it was like to give birth to our two kids. Teresa was the only one who knew what it was like to be the mother of our two kids. Teresa was the… Read More ›

  • Maybe

    A few years back I took my oldest son out one night to try to see a comet. We stared at the sky for a long time trying to see it. At times we tried to convince ourselves that we… Read More ›

  • A 2019 Letter

    It’s hard to know where to begin with this one. I normally write a Christmas letter each year and send it out along with pictures, etc to family and friends but 2019 has not been normal. On November 1, 2019… Read More ›