Eastward Bound!

Wed. 8/8/2018 It is with great pleasure that I begin this journal to record our journey east to the wilderness alternatively called Jellystone or Yellowstone. Admittedly, I, at first, didn’t quite understand why we wanted to risk life and limb… Read More ›

38 Years to Life

I was perusing Yahoo! news this morning and came across an article about funny/mean things that people have put on tombstones and I was reminded that my birthday is this week. I’m turning 38. For those of you who are… Read More ›

Lunch is on Me

Now that I’ve divulged my secret struggle with shoelaces I feel the need to share more about my inner-most feelings. With that said here is another confession: I hate it when people buy me lunch. Actually, it’s not just lunch,… Read More ›