Travelogue – San Diego – Day 5

Day five. Woke up. Hit snooze. Woke up. Hit snooze. Need coffee.

Got coffee. Got breakfast. Got dressed. In that order, oops!

Loaded the car. Loaded the coolers. Loaded the ibuprofen. Wishing I was loaded.

Interstate 5. Many miles. Kids excited. Kids playing iPad.

Drove fast. Kept up with family in other car. Had to follow them. Had directions.

Arrived. Oldest son really excited. Youngest son, grumpy. Fun!

Ran to get tickets. Ran to get in line. Ran to go to the bathroom. Ran the entire Legoland park 368 times.

Log ride, splash! Dad alone; all wet. Safari ride, cool. Dad alone, drenched in sweat.

Were there any actual legos in the park to see? I don’t know; we were walking to fast for me.

Lego Miniland – super cool. Star Wars scenes. Las Vegas, Manhattan and other places I’m sure.

More rides. Firetrucks. Helicopters, my gang-banging sonz on the run. Kidding!

Souvenir shops. Please I need water! Souvenir shops. A coffee too!

For nine hours we did a lot. My oldest son (the conniver) hired kids to bring him legos for his and his cousin’s communal lego build.

I’m proud of him!

It’s hour nine. A lot of Legoland. Daddy losing it. What time does it close?!?

One last ride.  The kids has a ball. The pain was worth it!

Got home in a flash. Kids in bed. Got dinner at Sara’s Mexican Food. Meat in my wife’s order; not good.

Back to Sara’s for another try. Veggie burrito – success! Stop at market. Beer – success!

Why did I write the post this way? No time to slow down and write in detail if I am to see the end of this six-pack tonight.



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  1. Wow!! How many days left?

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