Great Moments in Accounting History: The Accounting Code

As I was browsing through the shelves of the local bookstore the other day I found myself staring in silent awe as I looked at the cover of a book entitled, “The Secret History of the World”. Words can’t describe the emotions I felt in seeing our old pal Luca being featured on the cover of a book. I wondered to myself if this could be the first time an accountant made it on the cover of a book or was even mentioned in a book that was non-accounting related. If us accountants were heirs to powerful secrets heretofore unknown. If Luca was the guy wearing the cape or the guy that looks like the comedian Carrot Top.


Guess who’s back? Back again. Luca’s back. Tell a friend.

I decided to wonder no longer and took the momentous tome from the shelf, quickly flipped to the reference pages and, to my vast disappointment, discovered that there was but one reference to Luca in the entire book.

Though I may have missed a few details, here is what I was able to gleam about Luca…

It seems that at some point in time Luca helped Leonardo understand how some number or another corresponded with Venus. I’m sure if I had spent a little more time reading the book as it related to Luca I could probably give you a more detailed description of what his part in the secret history of the world was, however, I was distracted by the following thoughts:

  1. DiCaprio looks pretty good for his age
  2. Serena, in my opinion, is a much better tennis player than her sister Venus.

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