Travelogue – San Diego – Day 2

8:23 – Tragedy! I forgot to set my alarm thereby missing out on my much-anticipated nine-minute naps. I may not recover.

8:55 – My heart may not be able to sustain so many punishments in so little time. I just discovered that breakfast, which was to be served at 9:00 has been delayed to 9:05. What have I done to deserve such punishment!

10:03 – Breakfast is finished and what a breakfast it was! Egg casserole, French Toast casserole, ham, bacon, duck pate, tacos, fruit salad, sno-cones and, my personal favorite, drinkable yogurt. It was a meal fit for a king and I am ever grateful that my mother-in-law made such a meal for just me. I hope the others weren’t jealous!

10:23 – Much discussion about my blog post last night. My roommates may be a little on edge lest they say something that will appear in my blog. Secretary, I like it!

11:15 – Off to Mr. Frosty’s for lemonade and cucumber sandwiches.

11:35 – Yet another tragedy, oh, life why do thy hate me so! An interminable delay in the lemon meringue pie and BLT sandwiches has left me broken once again! I may not survive such a day as this!

12:15 – Heading back to the house after, finally!, getting our lemon frosted donuts and beef-tongue sandwiches. My spirits have been lifted immensely!

1:30 – Feeling down again after, once again, recalling that I missed out on my snooze-button naps this morning. I don’t have the will to join the others on their journey to the beach – I fear I would be terrible company.

1:45 – Oh, horrid life, why must you make me suffer so? On my way to a brewery my vehicle suffered serious damage somehow but, luckily (or so I thought) I was right next to a place that said it was a world-class body shop. Though the sign was not inaccurate it was not the type of body shop that I was in need of.

2:10 – I realized that my car had not actually sustained any damage and so I went to Modern Times Brewery as planned. Starting with a taster tray of their four signature beers, Saison, hoppy wheat, coffee stout and hoppy amber, I felt my spirits rise significantly. If the tasty beers weren’t enough this brewery also featured a small library of books, an entire wall adorned with comic books and taster trays served in old wooden cigar boxes. I feel truly blessed to be alive right now!

3:36 – What luck! I made it home before anyone else and a few minutes to gather myself before my family and mother-in-law arrived. As I opened an IPA I couldn’t help but wonder if I should help with the children. Using my better judgment I determined that remaining with my fragile beer was the right thing to do.

4:00 – Showered. I’ll spare you the details

5:20 – What luck! My wife & I caught a ride with her brother and sister in-law downtown-ish and we went to a place called The Neighborhood for dinner. It was a great meal consisting of an open-face vegetarian Sandwich for my wife and a burger for myself. As an added bonus we got to go to a cocktail lounge beneath The Neighborhood called the Nobel Experiment.

9:15 – After enjoying a couple of cocktails at the Noble Experiment, we made our way home to enjoy some conversation with the extended family; none of which I remember.

9:45 – I moved outside to finish my blog and was regaled with many tale’s of mayhem and madness from the neighbors. It was quite entertaining.

10:35 – Went in search of much need sustenance. Sarah’s Mexican Food was closed so settled for pizza from a parlor across the street. Good but not the same as Sarah’s food, of which , I have grown so fond of!

11:02 –  Good night all, and to all a good night.



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