Putting the “Count” Back Into Accounting

As accountants we often get overlooked as integral parts in the business machine. In fact, the only time an accountant makes the news is when they get a little too creative with their accounting or get a little overzealous with the paper shredder. Even on the rare occasion when accountants are talked about when a scandal isn’t involved it’s usually in conjunction with such demeaning subjects as: pocket protectors, beans, or taxes.

I say that it’s time for all accountants to stand up and be accounted for. It’s time for all accountants to make their voices heard by shouting with a united voice: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to wear my pocket protector anymore!”  


Peter Finch – Not an accountant

It’s time that we were counted as human beings and not just considered to be human beings that count.

It’s time for me to stop watching so many political speeches.

Regardless, it would be nice for us accountants to get a little more praise for what we do. I know some will say that praise is not necessary; knowing that one has done the best job they can do is reward enough. While I agree that knowing you have done the best job you can do is a good feeling you can’t tell me that it wouldn’t be nice to hear, “Where would businesses be without the accountants of the world?” or “Wow, you’re an accountant? Can I have your autograph?” being uttered from time to time.

 Is that too much to ask?

Maybe it is, but we The United Accountants of America and Everywhere Else That Has Accountants have suffered the indignity of obscurity for too long. After all…

 Without us who would spend hours, nay, days reconciling the irreconcilable?

 Without us who would reclassify the incorrectly classified entries?

Without us who would be able to pronounce when revenue should or should not be recognized?

 The time has come to begin our fight for acknowledgment and respect.

 So sharpen your #2 pencils, dust off your tablet of 9-column ledger paper, and join me on a journey to the local pub where we can moan and complain about how nobody appreciates us without fear of our supervisors hearing.

 After all, they can’t take our lives but they can take our positions!


Mel Gibson – Not a fan of accountants (or anybody else for that matter)

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