What Came First: the Chicken or Donald Trump?

A wise man once told me that if I didn’t blog about something it doesn’t exist. Upon hearing this I immediately began thinking about all of the things I wish didn’t exist and, therefore, should not write about in this blog. After contemplating this for many minutes I came up with a list of topics which I cannot include in this post because I would then technically be writing about them in this blog and they would then exist. 

Racking my brain to come up with a way to get around this quandary I decided the best course of action would be to put the rack down because my head was starting to hurt. Feeling dizzy and slightly winded from the exertion of racking my brain (something I do not recommend you try at home – anywhere else would be fine) I had a vision in the form of several black spots. This of course gave me the idea to insert a poll in this post giving you, my faithful readers, the power to determine which topic I should not write about, thereby, ending that topic’s existence*.

*Disclaimer – The author of the post in no way guarantees that the winner of the poll will cease to exist – including the ants that I drank which I can still feel biting my insides.

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