Travelogue: San Diego – Day 7

“Dad! Wake up!” I heard.

“Wuhhh?!?!?,” I responded.

“I’m hungry!”


“Hungry, dad! Get up!”


“Daaaad! I’m hungry!”

“Ahhh! Okay, okay! What do you want?’





This is how my last full day of vacation started: a hungry child and a confused me. Why would the rest of the family leave the kids with me, I wondered. Especially given the fact that I can barely take care of myself and was asleep? What ever the reason (revenge from blog post #5) I dragged myself out of bed and got breakfast. Unfortunately for the kids I only got my own as I forgot all about them on the way to the coffee shop that stopped their delivery due to too many missed pick-ups yesterday.

Coffee at hand I was ready to conquer the world or take a nap, whichever came first. After my nap, I went to the grocery store. This was an ordeal in that I had to drive to two different breweries on the way in order to make the not-so-funny joke about finishing off a six-pack of breweries while on vacation.

It was well worth it.

My first stop was at Ballast Point’s Homebrew Shop and Tasting Room. If you haven’t tried Ballast Point’s beer, I highly suggest you remedy that situation quickly. They make some really great beers, especially their IPA’s. I did make the unfortunate decision of getting a pint of their mojito Lager on cask. It was  very interesting choice of flavors but the lime killed any real beer flavor me. After throwing the rest of my mojito lager in the bartender’s face (i.e. I drank the whole thing) I made my way to another nearby brewery: Coronado Brewing Company.

Coronado Brewing Company (slogan: Brewing is our middle name) was a welcome surprise. They had a great variety of beer and, more importantly, a nice selection of women’s shirts to choose from in order for husband’s like me to buy and appease their wives for taking three hours to go grocery shopping in order to make a lame joke about making it through a six-pack of breweries while on vacation. In addition to a great women’s apparel selection (aided by the kindly, and rare, female bartender) the beer ar Coronado was pretty darn good, except for a miscalculation on my part. I did a five-beer taster tray and at the end chose an IPA brewed with Habanero peppers and peaches, which I can still taste. It was hot! I don’t like hot and I hated myself immensely for trying it. Perhaps it was my way of punishing myself for taking so long to buy grocery’s for the meal I was cooking that night but, either way, I learned a valuable lesson: don’t drink beers with peppers! They aren’t good except in the sense that they are good for inducing heartburn or premature labor.

Despite the fact that I look like I could go into labor at any time, I just got heartburn from the beer: better luck next time huh?

I made it back to he house and 3:00 and decided that I should probably eat something so that I wouldn’t have to eat my own cooking and went to Sara’s Mexican Food for some tamales. They were fantastic!

After finishing my tamales I deposited my youngest son back on the beach with his grandparents and started preparing for dinner (i.e. drinking a beer). For dinner I made, blue-cheese-beer burgers with garlic, black truffles and 100 year-old port for myself and bought everyone else McDonald’s. I hope they weren’t jealous.

Despite the fact that it was my father-in-law’s birthday I think he appreciated the McDonald’s Happy Meal as well as the coffee stout that I purchased for him at Coronado Brewing Company. If not; tough! The remainder of his birthday was spent excluding him from card games, drinking beer and cake. I’m sure he was happy to be one year older than he was before!

As my father in-law, grew one year older, I felt, as I laid down for bed, a craving for some pizza slices for old-time’s sake. I didn’t go bt I should have; I was just afraid that if I did I, much like my youngest son, would have to take a “shower” in the middle of the night.




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