38 Years to Life

I was perusing Yahoo! news this morning and came across an article about funny/mean things that people have put on tombstones and I was reminded that my birthday is this week. I’m turning 38. For those of you who are… Read More ›

NFL Draft Review: 2014

With the 2014 NFL draft set to be completed sometime, allegedly, before the 2015 draft starts I thought I would add my two-cents into the menagerie of draft analysis that is currently proliferating throughout the web these day. As evidenced in… Read More ›

Shutdown Corners

A lot of people are talking about Richard “Don’t-talk-about-me-unless-you-want-me-to-make-every-guy’s-favorite-sports-personality-Erin-Andrews-really-uncomfortable” Sherman due to his somewhat animated post-NFC Championship interview when he not only claimed to be the greatest cornerback in the NFL but also claimed to know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried…. Read More ›

Haiku For The Big U(rlacher)

In response to the announced retirement of one of the top three linebackers (possibly one of the top three QB’s as well) in Chicago Bears history I have written the following Haiku: Number 54  No Super Bowl ring; Thanks Rex  Buy Xfinity I’m proud to say that… Read More ›